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Edited by Colleen M. Griffith and Thomas H Groome

Catholic Spiritual Practices: A Treasury of Old and New


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How did the maestro advise the young violinist?

There is a story of a young violinist who had an audition at Carnegie Hall. As she hurriedly exited the subway, she was momentarily disoriented. To her relief, she saw an old man with a violin under his arm and thought that surely he would know.

“Sir, can you tell me how to get to Carnegie Hall?” she asked.

“Practice,” he said, with a grin.

It’s the same way with Catholic spirituality—growing in faith is all about practice.

This collection bytoday’s most respected Catholic writers offers a compendium of these practices, traditional and contemporary, that can enable us to sustain and grow a vibrant spiritual life.This must-have volume will quickly become a trusted companion for an entire lifetime of engagement with thebeauty and richness of the Catholicfaith.


Catholic Spirituality in Practice / Colleen M. Griffith

Practices of Prayer

  • The Lord’s Prayer / N. T. Wright
  • Praying with the Saints / Elizabeth A.Johnson, CSJ
  • The Jesus Prayer / Joseph Wong, OSB, CAM
  • Intercessory Prayer / Ann Ulanov and Barry Ulanov
  • Centering Prayer / Joseph G. Sandman
  • The Rosary/ Thomas H. Groome
  • Liturgy of the Hours / Elizabeth Collier
  • Praying with Images / Colleen M. Griffith
  • Everyday Prayers / Compiled by Thomas H. Groome

Practices of Care

  • Living the Sacramental Principle / Esther de Waal
  • Practicing Hospitality / Ana MarÍa Pineda, RSM
  • Practicing Forgiveness / Marjorie J. Thompson
  • Family Life as Spiritual Practice / Wendy M. Wright
  • DÍa de los Muertos / Alex Garcia-Rivera
  • Practicing Care for the Environment / United StatesConference of Catholic Bishops

Practices of Spiritual Growth

  • The Ignatian Examen / Dennis Mamm, SJ
  • Spiritual Direction / Kathleen Fischer
  • Retreats / Anne Luther
  • Lectio Divina / Sandra M. Schneiders, IHM
  • Discernment / David Lonsdale
  • Eucharistic Adoration / Brian E. Daley, SJ
  • The Angelus / Thomas H. Groome
  • Stations of the Cross / Thomas H. Groome
  • Fasting / Joan Chittister, OSB
  • Thanksgiving after Communion / Thomas H. Groome
  • Spiritual Practice Goes Digital / Barbara Radtke

Conclusion: Keep on Practicing, You’ll Get Better at It / Thomas H. Groome

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Edited by Colleen M. Griffith and Thomas H Groome

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