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Christine Alcott

Catechist’s Companion: How to Make a Lesson Plan

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At first glance, lesson plans can seem overwhelming. Whether we’re making one from scratch or interpreting one in a textbook, if we don’t have a bit of training, a lesson plan can look intimidating, confusing, nonsensical even.

There is good news! Once we understand the basics of lesson plans, not only can we use them easily, but we can manipulate them to fit our classes and teaching styles. This is what takes the panic out of our teaching and makes us more effective in the classroom.

Catechist’s Companion: How to Make a Lesson Plan tells us:

  • How to make a well-constructed lesson plan
  • The Theory of Multiple Intelligences
  • Know the age and development of the children
  • Know your class
  • Know yourself
  • Be flexible!

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