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Michael Moran, Ann Overton

As We Knew Him: Reflections on M. Basil Pennington


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“Basil Pennington was a gifted, creative, powerful and wise teacher—one of the truly precious souls of our generation.”
—Rabbi Lawrence Kushner

“Pennington was one of the spiritual masters of our time.” —Catholic Book Club

“His spirit, his soul, his heart, his eyes, his memory, all of him became a sponge to soak up and to not miss even a second or a single movement.” —Archimandrite Dionysios

“He really wanted to fill the world with people who had received the message that they also are called to contemplative prayer in the fullness of the Christian life and transformation into Christ.” —Thomas Keating,OCSO

M. Basil Pennington lived more than 50 years as a Cistercian monk and priest, called to a life of solitude and silence, prayer and contemplation. During that half century, he also traveled the world teaching, wrote dozens of books, and was a founder of the Centering Prayer movement and several national and international organizations. Who was this dynamic and deeply spiritual man? Contributors include Thomas Keating, Laurence Freeman, E. Glenn Hinson, Werner Erhard, members of Basil’simmediate family, and many others. As We Knew Him also includes a previously unpublished autobiographicalreflection by M. Basil Pennington himself.

As We Knew Him is the compelling story of one of the great spiritual leaders of the last century. Family, friends and colleagues who knew Basil and worked alongside him share their experiences of a simple yet charismatic man of faith and the difference he made in millions of lives. Through their memories, you will encounter an unforgettable presence whose contributions will live on far beyond his years.

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Michael Moran, Ann Overton

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