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Wayne Weible

A Child Shall Lead Them: Stories of Transformed Young Lives in Medjugorje


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In the village of Medjugorje in Bosnia-Hercegovina, sixteenagers – two boys and four girls – began to report seeing visions of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the summer of 1981. Since then, millions of people have made pilgrimages to this remote mountain village, where the messages of Mary give hope and comfort to those who are needy, suffering, or searching.

"After nearly 24 years of daily appearances to these children – all of whom are now adults, married and with children of their own – the fruits of conversion continue to serve as a testament to their initial claim," writes Weible. "Not surprisingly, the most dramatic of these conversions are those of young people, beginning with the visionaries themselves."

A Child Shall Lead Them is a collection of such stories and anecdotes from Medjugorje. They cover a full range of emotions, trials, and miracles; fromheartbreak to intense happiness. In all of them there is solid proof of what happens when a heart is converted to that of a child: a return to innocence, and an openness and receptivity to faith. Each chapter ends with a monthly message given by the Blessed Virgin Mary at Medjugorje.

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